Webfont generator

Upload one or many ttf/otf font files.

By uploading, I hereby assure that I own the rights to use this/these file(s) and I hereby grant permission to codevision.io to convert the/these file(s) into a webfont, which will be automatically downloaded afterwards.

If you cannot assure the ownership of the files you may not use this service!

Source available at github.com/ambroisemaupate/webfont-generator

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About The Service

This service will convert any given TrueType Font into a set of font files, which can be used as webfont in modern browsers.

How We Optain Information

We do not collect any personal information on this website. However, we reserve the right to limit the potential unauthorized use of this service at a later date, while allowing authorized users who present an API key the full access again.

The file(s) you upload here will be converted into a webfont zip archive which contains the following converted variants of it:

After converting the files we delete your uploaded Fonts from our server. We do not keep any files you upload here.

By uploading, you assure that you own the rights to use this/these file(s) and you grant permission to codevision.io to convert the/these file(s) into a webfont.